08/12/2012 08:32 pm ET

Ed Sheeran Olympics Closing Ceremony: Singer Wears Hoodie, Sings Pink Floyd

It takes a daring young performer to throw formality to the wind and choose to wear a hoodie and jeans to perform in front of millions of people at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. This is exactly what rising British star Ed Sheeran did, as he performed an emotional cover Pink Floyd's 1975 classic "Wish You Were Here."

While One Direction kept the energy level high, getting the crowd up and dancing with their performance of "What Makes You Beautiful," Sheeran's heartfelt rendition of the Pink Floyd hit was more of a tear-jerker. Sheeran was even joined by an original member of the band, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. And to heighten the drama, a man suspended in the air walked across a tightrope during the performance.

There was much talk on Twitter of Ed's bold sartorial choice as fans tweeted their thoughts on Ed's performance. Click through the slideshow below for Twitter reactions to what one fan calls "the gig of his lifetime" -- and the signature red hoodie he wore.

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Twitter Reactions to Ed Sheeran's Olympics Perfomance