08/12/2012 03:38 pm ET Updated Oct 12, 2012

'X-Files' Movie: David Duchovny Is In

After squashing rumors that he's living with his recently single "X-Files" co-star Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny is ready for more of the cult TV show.

"I would love to do another film, or more," Duchovny told Collider. "I think we're all game for it."

It's Fox that's getting in the way, according to Duchovny. "I'm kind of perplexed that Fox isn't more [enthusiastic] ... You've got an actual action franchise that's your own ... Why not make a homegrown franchise that is excellent, and that has proven to be excellent and interesting? I don't get it, but that's not my business."

Duchovny explained that "The X-Files" story isn't done yet and neither is he. "One of the greatnesses of the show was its open-endedness. It was about possibility. It wasn't about closure," he told Collider. "There is no such thing as that story ever ending. Those characters are forever searching ... Mulder and Scully are still doing their thing 'cause that's their nature."

Anderson is ready for another "X-Files" installment as well. "I don't see any reason not to do it if the script is good and Fox wants to go ahead and put the money behind it," she told The Daily Beast.

And "The X-Files" writer/producer Frank Spotnitz also told Collider that he too is game for a third "X-Files" movie. "I think everybody should write to 20th Century Fox," he told the website. "I've been saying for years now that I feel it's a cultural crime that they have not finished the series."

Anderson, Duchovny and "X-Files" creator Chris Carter reunited for Fox's 25th anniversary special in April. They were on hand to pay tribute to Fox's most memorable moments, where other fan favorite casts, like "Married With Children," reunited as well.

Check out photos from the reunions below.

Fox 25th Anniversary Special Photos