08/17/2012 04:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Week's Celebrity News Commenter Round Up (Animated GIFs Ahoy!)

One of the most interesting aspects of celeb stories is what comes after — your guys' hilarious, occasionally rant-y and generally colorful responses to what's happening in the world of celebrity news. Some of this week's comments were especially worthy of a community reaction round-up. Here are a couple of the stories that you guys had strong responses to this week, as demonstrated by (what else?) animated GIFs:

The big celeb news of the week, of course, was that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got engaged. You guys mostly reacted in two different ways.


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Tony JohnsonLA: "I wish Aniston all the happiness in the world, being in the spotlight, and having your husband turn out to be weak minded man as she has to endure, she has earned the right to have real love, and the real devotion of a good man. I just hope they can find some privacy! And Jennifer is to Angelina, what caviar is to Velveeta. "


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tissa: "Nobody cares. Maybe she can leave Brad and Angelina alone now."

...with a bit of this going on between members of those first two groups, if slaps were 'unfanning':

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And a lot of this from the confused bystanders who really didn't understand the ardent feelings some harbor for Jennifer Aniston:

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At the Olympics Closing Ceremonies, 4 out of 5 of the Spice Girls seemed really into it. Posh, though, did this:

Many of you said when you were watching, you were basically like:

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Said Jamie Van Den Bergh: "I'm watching on my DVR now and someone needs to wake her up!"

But a lot of others were pretty much like whatever, that's just how Posh Spice is and by the way, that's my childhood you're talking smack about. Said phoenyxangel: "I was a fan like most girls who grew up in the 90's. And I'm not ashamed of that."

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Others ignored the "Is she awkward or isn't she?" debate completely and fell into a totally different camp.

Really Olympics? Of all the UK-based bands...the Spice Girls?
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And a little zing!-worthy wordplay for the road:
AndyB62: "I would have been impressed if they added a new member, In-Tunie Spice."
Alpabets: “Sell - Out Spice?”
CLEMSONfan: "Is that old spice I smell?"

There was almost a full moon at a waterpark when Katy Perry had a slight swimsuit wardrobe malfunction. Quite of few of you (many of the male persuasion) were like:

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Said Rhottenste: “Katy here is my email address if HP stops showing your butt pictures.”

Then when you realized we have to censor that stuff on our site, you guys were more like:

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Said Kennyfloyd about the strategically placed red star: “Good thing she was wearing that red star under her bikini bottoms, that could have been bare assing.”

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Curious Georgy pretty much summed it up, though: “She wears a bra with spinning things on it. I doubt a little booty oops bothers her too much.”

This week Robert Pattinson appeared on "The Daily Show" for a much hyped, first-ever interview since the now infamous break-up with Kristen Stewart.

After all the build up, many were pretty disgruntled/confused with the interview itself:

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So that's it? Practically nothing about the affair?

Others cracked wise about the sometimes confusing fact that Kristen and Jon share the same last name, and an accidental double meaning in our headline. Said FreedToChoose: "'Robert Pattinson Talks Break-Up With Jon Stewart.' I didn't know they were an item... ;-)."
And I was like:

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I see what you did there!

Since Jon greeted Rob with Ben & Jerry's in true break-up form, there was also quite a spirited debate about the best Ben & Jerry's flavor after MikeInTheCola advocated Cherry Garcia and PhishFood. And I was like,

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Please. Like Annaheiser09 said, it's obviously Half Baked.

Finally, more than a few of you were rather zen about it all. jsloe: "Human beings make mistakes at every age. She lost a guy she apparently "loved" at least temporarily. Later on, he will realize that losing someone like her was the best thing that could have happened. Better now than later. Time marches on and both will recover."

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Miley Cyrus' hair had a traumatic week—she dyed it platinum blonde and then chopped it almost entirely off.

A lot of you were like:

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ColoMntWoman1 kept it simple: “Okay... I won't say anything at all... (since I can't say anything nice...)”
Others didn't show quite as much restraint.
TooKrunk said: "If her goal was to look like a 13 year old boy then she did a great job."

A lot of others were more like this:

Syds180turn said: “She's having fun and it's only hair. If she doesn't like it after a while, it'll grow back.”

Annnd here come the one liners:
PiratesFan95: “They said I could be anything......So I became Draco Malfoy.”
Ethiopia1a: “She would make a good John Deere commercial...always turn that mower off first before working on it.”
Jimmy Neutron: "Cute little boy. He should date that nice little Bieber girl.”

Until next time—

Keep the great comments and participation coming! Did you fall into any of the groups above?
Any weekend plans? Going swimming in a one piece thanks to Katy Perry's cautionary tale? Eating Half Baked ice cream? Chopping off 90% of your hair in solidarity with Miley Cyrus? Lighting a candle and watching an episode of 'Friends' in Jennifer Aniston's honor?



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