08/13/2012 01:26 pm ET

Jonathan Soriano Penalty Kick Fail: Red Bull Salzburg Player Kicks Ball Way Over Goal (VIDEO)

The penalty spot on a soccer field is just 12 yards from the goal line. Due to that proximity, defending a penalty kick is often a guessing game for the goalkeeper. A well-timed dive to the correct side can help save a game, but one to the wrong side and it looks like the shooter has a wide open net. While top keepers know the tendencies of certain opponents and can read tells in an opponent's pre-shot strides, sometimes the best defense is a mistake by the offense.

That's what worked for Rapid Vienna goalkeeper Lukas Konigshofer when Red Bull Salzburg's Jonathan Soriano took a spot kick during a match in the Austrian Bundesliga on Sunday. With his side trailing, 2-0, in the 79th minute, the 26-year-old Soriano took a running start and blasted a shot while Konigshofer dove to his left. Luckily for the goalkeeper, his guess didn't matter as the ball sailed well over the goal.


A penalty kick that bad makes it hard to believe Soriano is the top scorer in the league with five goals through four matches.

Does Soriano's miss top David Beckham's in 2004 for the worst of all time?