08/13/2012 04:36 pm ET

Todd Palin On 'Stars Earn Stripes' And Other Palin TV Appearances

The Palin family is excited for Todd's appearance on "Stars Earn Stripes," the new NBC reality series based on real U.S. military challenges that premieres Monday, August 13 at 8 p.m. ET.

"Some of the missions that we were going through and the level of danger and the mental, emotion, and physical strain [were difficult]." Todd told "I knew that we were going to do some pretty gnarly stuff, but I didn’t expect jumping out of helicopters!"

His wife and former vice presidential candidate Sarah said, "Todd’s a hardcore, kick-butt athlete -- that’s what a commercial fisherman is! All of the things he does in real life as a racer and a pilot came together very well for him as a competitor. I'm looking forward to watching it as a family."

Todd's participation on "Stars Earn Stripes" is far from the only time a member of the Palin family has turned up on reality TV in recent years. From "Sarah Palin's Alaska" to "Dancing with the Stars" to "Life's a Trip," click through the slideshow below to see the Palin family's most memorable reality TV appearances!

The Palins' Most Memorable Reality TV Moments