08/14/2012 03:28 pm ET Updated Aug 15, 2012

Hank The Cat, Feline Virginia Senate Candidate Says 'Vote The Humans Out' In New Ad (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON -- The claws are out! Hank, the Virginia cat running for a seat in the U.S. Senate, has a cutting proposition in a new campaign ad.

"Our representatives came to Congress with big plans," begins the new ad put out by the Maine coon whose platform focuses on animal welfare and good government. "What did we get? The brink of financial default. Important legislation ignored and forgotten. A national credit downgrade for the first time ever. And the most unaccomplished Congress in history."

"They tried. You tried. It's OK to make a change," the ad goes on, mirroring the pro-Romney "It's OK" ad.

But while the Romney ad urges those who elected the current president to cut their losses and vote Republican in 2012 -- "He tried. You tried. It's OK to make a change." -- Hank's ad goes a step further:

It's OK to vote the humans out. It's OK to elect Hank for Senate.

Have questions -- or pats -- for the cat candidate? From 5-8 p.m. on Aug. 18, Hank will be appearing at Fairfax County's Beulah Park near Alexandria with "Hank's Hitters," the congressional softball league that has adopted Hank as its mascot. Hank's campaign manager, Matthew O'Leary, says that the event will include free hotdogs and hamburgers, as well as the raffling of campaign memorabilia to benefit animal rights groups.

Hank The Cat's Campaign Headquarters