08/14/2012 10:51 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Spanx Are Awesome, But Women Need A Skirt Slip Too (PHOTOS)

Recently during a photo shoot, one of our models came to me with a concern. Since she'd be wearing short dresses, she hoped we could provide her with an extra layer of coverage. I told her that we had Spanx, but that was about it. She then sheepishly held up her solution to the problem.

Our model had taken a nude knee-length slip (one of those beauties that you'd probably find in your granny's underwear drawer) and chopped off a few inches of fabric to suit the shorter hemline of a miniskirt. How genius! Like tap pants, this bespoke slip provided coverage for dresses that are too sheer, too short, or both. But unlike traditional body shapers, this loose garment allowed for eating and breathing.

We've found skirts and dresses this summer to be very short, and this is another way to ensure that you're keeping your tush covered. If you're not up for DIY-ing your lingerie, we've found a few options to keep you covered in sundress season.

Every Girl Should Own: A Minislip

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