08/15/2012 02:07 pm ET Updated Aug 17, 2012

500 Canaries Stolen From 87-Year-Old Miami Man (VIDEO)

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It's a case for the birds, but Miami-Dade Police are determined to make headway as they search for two men who stole 500 canaries from an 87-year-old man.

Investigators have so far been able to track down about 150 of the yellow and orange canaries, which were sold to three different pet shops in the Miami area after being taken May 26.

The two burglars, described as heavily-built men in their mid-30s, reportedly entered Manuel Sanchez's home through his shed before taking off with more than 500 of his feathered friends.

The following day, the suspects sold more than 120 of the birds to Robert’s Pet Shop on S. Dixie Highway before leaving in a white BMW X5 sports utility vehicle. Police released surveillance footage from the shop, hoping the public will be able to make an identification.

Each bird is worth about $30 each, according to investigators, which means the robbers got away with a whopping $15,000 in canaries.

Florida is no stranger to odd animal stories. In May, two piglets were accidentally kidnapped when a man stole the truck they were sitting inside. In Port St. Lucie, a man was tired of his neighbor's loud macaws and sprayed them with weed killer. Then of course there is the story of a man who attempted to bring his kitten with him to a nightclub in Murdock.

UPDATE, Aug. 17: Miami men Luis Suarez, 26, and Ariel Rodriguez, 27, were arrested for the bird thefts, NBC 6 reports.

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