08/15/2012 03:49 pm ET

Body Parts Found: Sterling Heights, Michigan Sewer Held Remains Discovered By Construction Crews

Construction crews assigned to a sewer line in Sterling Heights, Mich., made a horrifying discovery this morning, as police say they found between 10 and 15 separate body parts.

The body parts were found on a grate located 50 feet beneath the surface of 15 Mile Road, according to WXYZ. Construction crews have been completing a grouting project on the sanitary sewer inceptor line running beneath the road.

The road was closed for several hours today so work crews could check the sewer line for more human remains.

Authorities say they doubt the body parts were placed in this particular location, according to the Macomb Daily. The sewer line itself is 21 miles long, stretching from Detroit to Oakland County. Since the sewer water has flowed southwest in the last 24 hours, officials believe they could have been dumped in one of several hundred manhole covers located northeast of the site. Workers assigned to the sewer have been have been descending daily -- nobody saw the parts yesterday, the paper says.

Gene Schabath, Deputy Public Works Commissioner for Macomb County, told WWJ that there appeared to be several different body parts measuring about six inches in length.

“Between 10 and 15, and they don’t know where they came from. I mean, in terms of the body — arm, leg or whatever,” Schabath said.

One part reportedly has a tattoo.

This isn't the first gruesome discovery involving human remains in Metro Detroit this summer. On July 17, local fishermen discovered the decapitated torsos of a man and a woman in the Detroit River and a nearby canal. In August, construction crews found human bones beneath Main Street in the village of Rochester, located about 40 miles north of Detroit. Archaeologists have since determined that the remains signify a Native American burial ground.



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