08/16/2012 05:54 pm ET

Celebrities With Estranged Parents: Stars With Family Issues (PHOTOS)

Earlier this week, Macaulay Culkin's estranged father, Kit Culkin, and his stepmother, Jeanette Krylowski, spoke out after the National Enquirer ran a story claiming the former child star is addicted to heroin and has only six months to live unless he gets help.

Kit Culkin just told the U.K. paper The Sun, he hopes his son has the right people looking after him, while Macaulay's stepmother told the paper that when she saw photos of her stepson looking gaunt and ill she thought, "Oh no, this is not good. Either he’s dying of some disease or he’s heavily into drugs.”

The "Home Alone" star hasn't seen his father since 1997, when he fired him as his manager because his parents were fighting over control of the actor's personal fortune.

It's a messy and ugly situation, but Culkin is far from the only celebrity to have complicated relationships with his family:

Celebrities With Family Problems