08/15/2012 04:42 pm ET Updated Aug 16, 2012

Illinois Mini Horse Service Animal Bill Signed Into Law, Effective Immediately

Don't be surprised if you look up and see a mini horse inside a school, store, restaurant or other public place in the weeks ahead: According to a new law, they just might have every right to be there.

On Tuesday, a bill signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn that qualified trained miniature horses as service animals, the Associated Press reports. The law is effective immediately.

Per the new law, HB 3826, the horses may be trained to aid its user for any sort of disability, whether it be physical, mental or intellectual, and will be able to go anywhere a service dog is allowed.

In May, the bill was approved by the Illinois Senate amid the concern of some legislators that miniature horses could prove distracting in schools. In early June, the bill was almost unanimously approved by the state House.

Miniature horses were already approved for service use by federal law, but state law did not specifically grant them access to schools and businesses.



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