08/15/2012 08:49 am ET

Jon Stewart Mocks Paul Ryan's Hypocritical Fiscal Stance With Twilight, Taylor Lautner Imagery (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart is trying to retain some of his new viewers after an influx of young women and "Twilight" fans tuned in for Rob Pattinson's interview Monday night, and his strategy is pretty straightforward: more Taylor Lautner, less Romney talk.

So on Tuesday night's "Daily Show," he set the stage by giving the presidential race a little bit more flair:

"Two men battle in this election, one of them belonging to a very old, pale clan of ancient bloodsuckers, the other a wild young and diverse, feral group of incoherent people."

When it came to Paul Ryan, though, Stewart had to drop the vampire talk. It seems the VP nominee made some remarks about fiscal policy during his speech on Saturday that have Stewart confused. Check out the clip above to see why.



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