08/15/2012 03:07 pm ET Updated Aug 17, 2012

Kim Kardashian Possibly 'Jinxed' Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt's Mansion [CORRECTION]

CORRECTION: Radar Online now reports the house that Kardashian got married in belongs to Frank Caulfield, who also owns an estate in Montecito, CA. We regret the confusion.


PREVIOUSLY: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt hasn't been throwing many house parties lately.

Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, is the current owner of a beautiful Spanish-inspired mansion in Montecito, California. The house has previously been rented by celebrities and the elite for lavish weddings, per Business Insider. But recently, the hosting gigs have been a bit thin -- and some blame one of America's favorite/most hated celebrities: good ol' Kim Kardashian.

In August 2011, Kardashian wed NBA basketball player Kris Humphries at Schmidt's picturesque mansion. There were 450 guests present at the fairy-tale wedding; helicopters circled overhead, trying to snap bridal shots for expectant audiences around the world.

But these love birds didn't last long. A mere 72 days later, news broke that the couple were splitting. And apparently their failed marriage has "jinxed" Schmidt's once sought-after mansion.

“Before Kim, the home was often used in the Summer months as a place where the rich could hold their private weddings –- but now couples are shunning the estate because they think the place is jinxed," a source told Radar. It was also mentioned that Kim's reality TV fame and new money status has led perspective couples to think it would be "tacky to wed in the same place."

According to Radar's source, Schmidt has since considered selling the home.

Would you still tie the knot at Schmidt's mansion? Are you even "keeping up with the Kardashians" these days? Let us know in the comments section below!



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