08/15/2012 02:42 pm ET

Kris Humphries' Lawyer Tried To Serve Kanye West Subpoena In Nordstrom Box, Court Proceedings Reveal

Kris Humphries might want to rethink his choice of divorce attorney.

TMZ reports that the NBA player's lawyer, Marshall Waller, tried to engineer a sneak attack by trying to serve a subpoena on Kanye West by putting it in a Nordstrom box and sending it to Kim Kardashian's house.

This hilarious detail was revealed by Kim Kardashian's lawyer, Laura Wasser, during the couple's divorce proceedings Wednesday, which are still underway. The former couple's legal teams are in court today to either settle the case or prepare for trial, but Humphries is reportedly refusing to settle.

According to the website, Wasser complained that these proceedings have already cost Kardashian $250,000 in legal fees, but they still aren't clear exactly what Humphries wants out of all this, later adding that she intends to have the 27-year-old Brooklyn Nets forward pay every penny of Kim's legal fees.

TMZ reports that Humphries' lawyer explained to the court that he wants to prove to the court that the marriage was a fraud -- alleging that Kardashian married him only to benefit her reality show.

Kim filed for divorce from Humphries on Oct 31, 2011, and a month later he filed for an annulment, seeking to erase their 72-day marriage on the grounds of fraud.

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