08/15/2012 02:54 pm ET

Spice Girls' Mel B Says Olympic Closing Ceremony Reunion Brought Back 'Girl-Power Feeling'

The Spice Girls first hit the music scene in 1994 and iconized the Union Jack dress, platform shoes and "Girl Power," but 12 years after unofficially breaking up, the British girl group reunited to perform at the Olympic closing ceremony in London. And Mel "Scary Spice" Brown says the reunion brought back that "girl-power feeling."

"We didn't realize it was such a big, you know, worst-kept rumor," the Spice Girl told MTV News on Tuesday. "And now that we've known that we all kind of find it funny. And, at the same time feel kind of very lucky and happy that people were so excited about it."

The Girls had not been together on stage since a reunion tour in 2007. Since then, each has gone her separate way. Victoria Beckham, most notably, is a blossoming fashion star and wife of Los Angeles Galaxy heartthrob David Beckham.

Alas, time is no match for the prowess of the Spice Girls.

"Whenever we get together, whether it be we go out for dinner or you know we just launched our ['Viva Forever'] musical, we just click back into how we were 20 years ago with each other," Brown told MTV News. "It's kind of very comfortable and very respectful girl-power feeling that we have between each other. It's like we just saw each other yesterday always."

Although the group has always promoted "Girl Power," some are looking to the Spice Girls as inspiration for "Middle-Aged Woman Power."

"They have all fallen in love, had children, some have stuck with their men, others have split up," wrote Alison Phillips from the U.K.'s Mirror. "They’ve raised kids, cared for their families, worked and retained friendships. Between them they’ve had the highs and lows of most women their age in the country. And they’re still standing, looking great and being strong. Now that’s Woman Power."

Rumors of another Spice Girls reunion tour began to spread after the closing ceremony performance.
RadarOnline.com reports that Brown is the one pushing for it, but Beckham's schedule might be too full.

"Mel B is spearheading the crusade for the band to do a reunion tour as they had a total blast performing at the Closing Ceremony," a source reportedly told RadarOnline.

"Geri Halliwell, Mel C and Emma Bunton are all on board, but, of course, the lone holdout is Victoria. Vicky says she just has way too much on her plate right now with her fashion label and so busy being a mother to four young children, and wife to David and it just doesn't seem like she wants any part of a reunion tour," the source added.

Whether or not a Spice Girls reunion is an actual possibility or just a fool's wish is unclear. As for the Girls, they seem to still be riding high on the success of their Olympic show.