08/15/2012 02:47 pm ET Updated Aug 15, 2012

Victoria Beckham's Facebook Chat For Glamour Yielded Some Strange Comments (SLIDESHOW)

Despite her unsmiling demeanor and seeming cold personality, Victoria Beckham embraces social media with a cheery fervor, communicating chattily with fans and peppering her tweets with xoxo's. So we were delighted to learn that as part of her guest-editing gig for Glamour's September issue, the British designer would be holding a live, one-hour Facebook chat with her fans, answering any and all questions.

Well, not all. An open Internet forum, particularly one where participants can interact directly with a celebrity, stirs up all sorts of strange comments. Glamour, which hosted the chat on its Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon, forewarned commenters, "Please keep it nice! Moderators will delete all inappropriate remarks or comments that violate our user agreement." But they didn't specify just how weird, invasive or oddball those questions could be.

Most of the questions revolved around her brand (is she doing clothes for little boys? Makeup? A diffusion line?), how she balances work and motherhood, and her fitness tips, i.e. how she stays so darn skinny. There were also plenty of requests for hometown visits, with participants wondering when Beckham would swing by Dallas/Poland/Moscow/Mexico, etc.

Out of 1,000+ comments, Victoria answered about ten, including her favorite restaurant in Los Angeles (Bouchon); her favorite movie ("The Notebook"); her favorite model (Anabela Berlikova); her favorite designer (she diplomatically declined to name a favorite but did mention Alaia); and whether she prefers chocolate or wine (just guess).

Then there were plenty of questions she decided to skip for one reason or another. Below, a selection of the (mostly) hilarious queries Victoria Beckham declined to answer.

Highlights From Victoria Beckham's Facebook Chat

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