08/16/2012 10:35 am ET

Hate Art? Blame Yourself: Kimberly Brooks, Jill Greenberg, Gary Chow, Eunice Kindred Discuss Democratization Of Art On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

In the past year, the path by which one tries to become an artist has gone from a one-way street to a labyrinth. You no longer need just a paint brush and canvas but an iPhone, a webcam and a PayPal account.

Huffington Post Arts founder and artist Kimberly Brooks, photographer Jill Greenberg, artist Eunice Kindred and Gary Chou of Union Square Ventures discuss these questions on Huffington Post Live. Hear the contemporary art world inhabiters engage with commenters and each other on the possibilities our democratized art world.

Whether you are curating your aesthetic via Tumblr, crafting the perfect Instagram feed or crowd sourcing your project through Kickstarter, it's good to remember the new artist doesn't follow a certain path, but forges her own. And yet, as the commenters discussed, is this democratization of the art world, where a viral video star can outshine a classically trained sculptor, ultimately a positive or negative outcome of our technological age? How do artists, or creators, interact with the new tools we are given? With the democratization of the playing field, what is the effect on value?

Watch the clip above to hear the discussion and leave your thoughts in the comments below... you could be featured on the next segment!

(This feature was inspired by the article "Kickstarter On Track To Distribute More Funding Than The National Endowment For The Arts.") Visit HuffPost Live to see more stories.