08/16/2012 11:22 am ET

Latino Bullying: Cecilia And Jonathan Cutler Name Four Families And Police Captain In Lawsuit

A Latino family in Las Vegas filed a lawsuit this week against four families, alleging extensive bullying of their adolescent daughter and vandalism of their home. Among the defendants is Christopher Darcy, a local police captain.

Cecilia and Jonathan Cutler named the "mean girls" who bullied their Hispanic daughter in school along with their parents, who, the Cutlers said, "make excuses and shirk responsibility for their children's actions."

"This is a classic case of bullying motivated by race and other factors, with parents who are unwilling to take responsibility for their children," the Cutlers stated in the complaint, according to Courthouse News.

According to the complaint, the juvenile defendants "repeatedly made racially derogatory comments" to the Cutlers' daughter during classes at Sig Rogich Middle School and also took to social media sites to call her names such as "Oompa Loompa" and "Dora the Explorer."

The bullying escalated on June 8 when the Cutler's home was vandalized with racist drawings. Saran wrap, aluminum foil and toilet paper littered the property while food products such as eggs, olive oil, frosting and chocolate syrup were thrown at the house.

Following the incident, the Cutlers said Darcy, the police captain, "engaged in a campaign of intimidation" by suggesting they not file an insurance claim. Cynthia Darcy and her daughter reportedly helped clean up the debris, however, the youngest Darcy continued making derogatory statements during the endeavor.

This is not the first incident of Latino bullying. Following Alabama's immigration crackdown, many Hispanic students have been targeted by their peers because of their race or immigration status.

Earlier this year, non-profit Nevada PEP launched a local training program for Hispanic parents to teach them what to do if their kid is being bullied.

While bullying can cause heavy psychological damage, a recent study also found that schoolyard taunting can also have a significant educational impact on the bullied student's GPA, especially for high-achieving Latinos.

The Cutlers are seeking upwards of $40,000 in damages and attorneys fees.

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