08/20/2012 10:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Handpresso Auto: The Handheld Espresso Machine For Your Car

Handpresso Auto is a hand-held espresso maker, whose inventors designed it to be used in your car. Yes, you read that correctly: a hand-held espresso maker you use in your car -- what could possibly go wrong?

handpresso auto

As the video clearly insinuates, you should pull over. We can see the appeal of a portable caffeine factory that plugs into your car's auxiliary outlet, but we can't quite shake the feeling that he's squeezing an afternoon coffee out of a flashlight.

Fiat recently announced that their latest 500L model would have an espresso machine built-in. Clearly the handheld, portable version is better for those with multiple cars or multiple locations in which they need espresso.

The Handpresso Auto is priced at 149.00€ (which is about $183), which is steep, especially if you also have to pay for mobile-espresso-related-accident medical bills.