08/17/2012 01:55 pm ET

'Married To Jonas': Danielle, Kevin Jonas Talk Married Life

It may not be the "Real Housewives," but Kevin and Danielle Jonas promise their new reality series "Married To Jonas" will be far from boring.

"We didn't live together before [we were married] and weren't in the same place a lot, so she had to get used to that I'm not the cleanest," Kevin told TV Guide. "I'm also absentminded, but I'm a musician; I'm allowed to be."

But cleanliness is the least of it. According to Danielle, there's quite a bit of in-law drama ... especially when Kevin's father, Kevin Jonas Sr., brings up the couple having children like it's a "business decision."

"It's hard because you're trying to figure it out on your own and then you have people reminding you all the time," Danielle said. "It's like, 'Yes, I want to be pregnant and maybe I am,' but we want to [be ready] when we do have one and focus on it. But [the talk] is a constant reminder that it's next.'"

Kevin and Danielle aren't the only ones excited for the E! series: Joe has emphasized how excited he is.

"I think the fans are going to learn a lot about Kevin and even more about Dani because she is kind of behind the scenes in his life," he told "It’s cool for me and Nick to sit back and laugh because of the drama that people are going to see because that’s reality TV, but I’m happy for them. They’ve made this show a lot of fun. I saw the pilot and it was just comical.”

Bring on the Jonas drama!

"Married To Jonas" premieres on Sun., Aug. 19 at 10 p.m. ET on E!
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