08/20/2012 02:55 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Outdoor Ideas: Two 'Desperate Landscapes' Go From Eyesore To Amazing (VIDEO)

When we first set eyes on the incredibly drab front lawns from this episode of DIY Network's Desperate Landscapes, we thought two things. First, we were glad these weren't our neighbors, and second, could anything be done to salvage them? Appearing more like junk yards than home lawns, these neighboring outdoor spaces consisted of broken concrete driveways and sidewalks, overgrown grass and a vast amount of pop-up weeds. It was kind of a scary sight.

But, the talented team was able to work wonders. They gave both homes brand new, clean-looking driveways and even a new sidewalk. This made a huge improvement -- but they didn't stop there. They re-landscaped both yards by weeding and planting new shrubs and flowers, which helped brighten the home's facade. The neighboring yard was given an ornate front yard swing, hanging from a wooden arbor. The touches gave the homes quaint curb appeal, so now these homeowners can hold their heads proud in front of the rest of the neighborhood. To see the complete transformation, just watch the clip above.

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