08/18/2012 11:42 am ET

New York International Latino Film Festival 2012: Closing Day Preview (VIDEOS)

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Today's the last day of the 2012 New York International Latino Film Festival in New York City and the festival is going out in style, with two more shorts programs ('Use Your Illusion' and 'The Anatomy of Melancholy'), as well as the closing night feature documentary -- Lemon -- and the requisite after party where Latino indie film movers, shakers and fans will all celebrate the great state of this art form.

We hope you're able to catch as many of the films, documentaries and shorts premiered throughout the festival at home, in your local theaters or in other festivals, because they all deserve a chance to be seen by the communities they represent.

Some of today's highlights are:

Lemon (Closing Night Feature)
Puerto Rican slam poetry artist (and three-time convicted felon) Lemon struggles to hold on to his creative dream of mounting a solo show.

Mariachi Gringo
The awe-A young man from the Midwest falls in love with the mariachi lifestyle, and travels to Guadalajara to prove that anything is possible. Stars Shawn Ashmore ("Iceman" in X-Men films) and Adriana Barraza. inspiring story of a man who is willing to do absolutely anything to follow his dreams. Mariachi Gringo tells the story of Edward (Shawn Ashmore), a young man living in the middle of nowhere in the U.S., who falls completely in love with a different culture and a most beautiful and sublime style of music.

Under My Nails
Solimar a Puerto Rican woman who works in a nail salon, becomes intrigued by the violent sexual practices of her new neighbors, Roberto and Perpetuel. When Perpetuel returns home to the DR, Solimar goes from voyeur to participant in Roberto's games of sex and power.

Jaque Mate (Check Mate)
David Hernandez is the host of the hit TV game show, "Check Mate." In his phone call segment with the viewers, a man calls, claiming to have David's wife and son hostage. Now, on live television, David must play the game according to the kidnapper's rules - or else his family will be killed.

El Rumor De Las Piedras (The Rumble of Stones)
Single mother Delia struggles to raise her sons, William and Santiago, in a shantytown of Caracas, but it seems that everyday they slip farther away from her and closer to a life of crime and delinquency.


NY International Latino Film Festival 2012 - Day 5

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