08/18/2012 08:34 am ET

3 Tools To Help You Heal Your Heart

Have you recently found yourself in an all too familiar situation? Perhaps the same drama keeps turning up in your life. Maybe it is a different job, different relationship or different location, but the same problem has reared its ugly head?

If you live in a constant state of Deja Vu, and find yourself repeating the same habits, patterns and mistakes, then it is time to switch it up.

Maybe you left a job because you were unhappy, and then you took a new job only to find the same mean boss is back, or the same condescending coworkers are preset… the problems seem to persist. This is also a common theme in romantic relationships.

A new relationship with a romantic partner may start to feel like you are dating an ex. And, all those problems you left behind are suddenly right in front of you, yet again.

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