Craigslist Ad Seeks Fake Girlfriend To Be Roommate For Cheaper Rent

With soaring rent prices said to be scaring Brooklynites back into Manhattan, it's not surprising to see people calling for roommates to keep down the rent.

So when you're perusing Craigslist and stumble upon a listing detailing a $600, well-sized room "on the second floor of a two-storey [sic] house in a safe, clean, and mostly quiet neighborhood," we can't blame you for being intrigued.

But ladies be forewarned. As Gawker points out, the listing takes a bizarre twist:

Simply put, I now need help paying the rent for my second-floor apartment in a private house and so am resorting to kind of subletting a spare room. I say "kind of" because if I can claim that you are my girlfriend then you can more easily room with me -- which is why this offer is only available to females.

But not to worry...

WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE ROMANTIC AT ALL. Just look like a couple in front of the landlord and his wife! NO HOLDING HANDS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT -- just kind of appear to be a couple every now and then, that's all!

Weird for sure, but we've heard of this before. And hey, for cheap rent, even we think it's unfair to judge anyone willing to put up with the charade. The act, however, comes with a few stipulations of which we just can't approve:

No visits allowed except family on occasion by prior arrangement (no friends, romantic or otherwise!)

Quiet -- near silence -- most times is a must (I am a writer and need peace to read and think)

I have final say in any disagreement that may (hopefully won't -- ever) arise, except as stipulated in this ad or in the agreement we will sign

Um, can we say prisoner?

At least the poster ends with, "GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE on the search for decent quarters in this extremely expensive city!"