08/20/2012 10:40 am ET Updated Aug 20, 2012

Kim Kardashian Wedding Anniversary Deposition Makes Her 'Cruel Bitch': Kris Humphries' Ex

One year ago today, Kim Kardashian glided down the aisle living out her "Fairytale Wedding" dreams. After just 72 days of marriage, she and husband Kris Humphries called it quits and the Brooklyn Nets player alleged their marriage was a fraud. One year later, Kardashian and Humphries are embroiled in a bitter divorce battle and the 31-year-old reality star has scheduled Humphries' ex, Myla Sinanaj, for her deposition on the same day as the one-year wedding anniversary; and Sinanaj is not happy about it.

Sinanaj reportedly called Kardashian a "cruel bitch" for scheduling her deposition on the anniversary of Kris and Kim's wedding, TMZ reports. Sinanaj will allegedly testify that Humphries told her repeatedly about how Kardashian defrauded him in the marriage.

Sinanaj claims Humphries "hated the cameras and his life being on display," despite the fact that he made hundreds of thousands of dollars on the E! reality series. She also says that her relationship with Humphries is "dead," according to TMZ, and will be "100% honest" in her deposition.

Quick recap: The Kardashian lookalike met Humphries after he split from the reality star in January at a NYC hotel. The two dated for a few months and then split. The basketballer then accused Sinanaj of running a brothel out of the hotel and she threatened to release sordid details about her relationship with Humphries to the press. Then she claimed she was pregnant, but eventually took it back.

Sinanaj has already been served with four subpoenas from the Kardashian camp, who believe Sinanaj has information that can destroy Humphries' case.

“What does Myla have to do with this? Myla didn’t even know this guy until after the divorce,” her lawyer, Susan Chana Lask, told the New York Post, adding that “Myla’s taking on the Kardashians.” The Post asked if Kardashian's new beau Kanye West will be involved, to which Lask replied, “Everything involves Kanye. They have everyone involved in their drama.”

Humphries hopes to be granted an annulment from Kardashian on the basis of fraud, reported The Associated Press. However, it is unlikely the divorce proceedings will be complete before next year.

The divorce has become quite contentious.

Humphries' lawyer, Marshall Waller, got to West by serving him a subpoena in a Nordstrom box sent to Kardashian's house.

Kardashian's lawyer, Laura Wasser, reveals that Kardashian has already racked up $250,000 in legal fees, but still does not understand what Humphries hopes to accomplish.

"I feel that the respondent's personal feelings and maybe some media drive is keeping this case from getting resolved," Wasser told the court during a May 4 hearing, according to Us Weekly. "If Ms. Kardashian prevails and it is shown that there was no fraud, then she will obviously be requesting that the legal fees be paid by Mr. Humphries."



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