08/21/2012 04:07 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

Erica Arsenault, Massachusetts Woman, Donates Kidney To Her Former Mother-In-Law (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

"Ex in-law" may be a dirty word to some Americans but not for Dorothy Wolferseder. That's because her ex daughter in-law, Erica Arsenault, saved her life by giving her a kidney -- years after being divorced from her son, Scott.

When 72-year-old Dorothy's kidneys began to fail, WHDH reports she posted a message on Facebook that the family was searching for a suitable donor. Erica responded, "My kidneys are yours."

According to the Boston Globe, Arsenault and her ex's family had been civil with one another since the breakup, a necessity for raising their two boys, but her offer of a kidney caught them all off guard.

"For all the heartache she caused myself and our boys, as well as my family, this was her way of making things right,” explained Scott to WHDH.

Now, just over six weeks after the organ transplant, the New York Daily News reports that both women are recovering well physically.

And if their Facebook profiles are any indication, they're patching things up emotionally, too. "Thank you for loving me so much," wrote Dorothy in a message to Erica. "Luv you, thank you. Mom."



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