08/21/2012 01:23 pm ET

Aerofex Hover Vehicle Is Like Something Out Of 'Star Wars' (VIDEO)

Sometimes a catchy jingle or a creative viral marketing ploy is all a company needs to get some exposure.

Other times, you need the power of The Force.

California-based Aerofex grabbed headlines on Tuesday with an invention--a hovercraft--that seems straight out of "Return of the Jedi." The zippy device floats above the ground, recalling a famous chase scene between Stormtroopers and Jedis in the beloved 1983 classic. (h/t Live Science, Yahoo! News)

Reinvigorating a 1960's design that was abandoned because of stability issues, Aerofex reformatted the hover vehicle with two knee-level control bars that respond to the pilot's natural balance and leaning movements.

Before you run out to Best Buy and ready your Princess Leia costume, sit back down: Aerofex has no plans to immediately develop or sell a manned version. The company envisions unmanned hovercraft delivering supplies to search and rescue teams or soliders and assistance on work in agricultural fields.

More test flights are planned for Aerofex's creation in October.

For now, one way to satisfy your appetite to Jedi can be satisfied with the Australian designed Hoverbike, a design creators hope to sell for $40,000 once they're out of the prototype stage.



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