08/21/2012 02:18 pm ET

Ray Leuthauser, St. Louis Man, Recovers Cash Raining Onto Interstate And Returns It To Help Homeless (VIDEO)

Money may not grow on trees, but sometimes, in St. Louis, it rains from the sky. And then, good people pick it up and find its rightful owner.

On a Monday earlier this month, Jane Corbett, 77, set an envelope containing nearly $850 on her car, then buckled in her adopted, special needs child, and sped off to run errands. One of those errands, writes the Associated Press, was to use the money to purchase food for the homeless.

Unbeknownst to Corbett, however, she'd forgotten the (now rapidly-emptying) envelope on top of her car, streaming cash into the air.

"Money was fluttering everywhere," said Ray Leuthauser, a driver behind Corbett, who described the scene to KSDK. "Cars whizzing by, rush hour traffic, and I was honking at her to get her to stop."

Eventually, he gave up trying to signal her. "I just pulled over and started grabbing money." Leuthauser says he collected more than $300, then was able to track down Corbett via a Sam's Club tax-credit card he found with the cash. The card was made out to Sts. Peter and Paul, the church where Corbett volunteers, reports Stl Today.

Leuthauser returned the money to a grateful Corbett, who had replaced the large chunk of missing cash by drawing out of her personal savings.

When he learned another $500 had gone missing, adds KTVI, he and his fellow union construction workers donated enough money to cover the difference.

Corbett, a tireless good Samaritan herself, hopes her experience can inspire others, telling KSDK: "Just pass it on. Pass it on. Do whatever we can do every other minute to help each other."