08/22/2012 02:06 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

'Craft Wars' Season Finale Recap: DIY Chandeliers and Food Displays (VIDEO)

Last night's "Craft Wars" season finale certainly lit up our night as judges Erica Domesek, Stephen Brown and Jo Pearson, along with host Tori Spelling put the crafters to work with a few tricky DIY challenges.

During the "Pop Craft" challenge the three contestants had one hour to make a chandelier using window blinds. Beckie created a circular shape and then spray painted it blue and silver. Marylena decided to go whimsical and actually curled the metal blinds and stuck them together to cover the light, while Daniel crafted an elegant spiral shape out of the material and added gem accents along the top. In the end, Beckie went home because the judges thought her use of vinyl blinds instead of metal was a poor choice. Plus, she had a bad spray paint job.

Marylena and Daniel advanced to the "Master Craft" challenge where they had five hours to make a food and beverage display using food accessories like labels, corks, barrels and pots.

Daniel decided to craft an entryway that would lead into a restaurant. With barrels as tables, pans as stands and wine bottles as lanterns, Daniel created a rustic getaway that would be suitable in any Italian or French eatery.

Marylena wanted to go big and created a giant grape display. She used cookie sheets to create leaves, wire as vine and bunched wine corks together to make grapes.

When it came to judging the structures we thought for sure Daniel was going to go home after Stephen called him a "facade of neatness" because his design showed signs of sloppy work when viewed up-close. But it was Marylena who lost because her display was confusing and didn't have enough color.

Well, folks. That's the end of our "Craft Wars" coverage! This finale didn't wow us but overall, throughout the weeks, the show had major improvements and we're hoping to see a season two.

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