08/22/2012 10:56 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Miss KK's Whimsical Style Has Inspired The Likes Of Madonna And Nicki Minaj (VIDEO)

Free-spirited, quirky and magical are words that could easily be used to denote Miss KK's style, but they could also be used to describe her personality. Kristine Karnaky (aka Miss KK) is a freelance costume designer for theater, film, music videos and dance, and can cite Vanity Fair, Madonna and Nicki Minaj as clients. Having studied at F.I.D.M, the Texas native developed a keen eye for fashion and has amassed quite the collection of clothing over the years. Lucky for us she recently invited Stylelist Blogger Network members Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum of StyleLikeU into her Los Angeles home to take a look a closer look at her artful closet.

Wearing mostly vintage is a commitment to hunting, tailoring and a big dry cleaning bill, but that hasn't stopped Miss KK whose entire wardrobe is basically second-hand. Her closet is mix of handcrafted dresses, 1920's necklaces and one of a kind shoes that would make any fashionista drool. Inspired by icons like Catherine Deneuve and Zandra Rhodes, this lady's closet looks like it could easily be from another decade. It's no surprise then that her parents play a strong role in how she adorns herself; her father is allergic to every fabric but silk (hence her fondess for the material) and her mother loves to wear '80s moccasins (shedding some light on her love of period clothing).

Although she loves to talk fashion, her other interest in topics like destiny and the tarot give substance to her body of work and add another dimension to her styling. No wonder some of the biggest names in the industry are attracted to her.

Watch the video above to find out why Miss KK doesn't like makeup.

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