08/22/2012 11:32 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Shaun Sperling, Bar Mitvah 'Vogue' Dancer, Says Video Has Been Muted For Copyright Infringement

Sad news for Shaun Sperling, whose adolescent dance moves caught the nation's attention when video footage of him dancing to Madonna's "Vogue" at his 1992 Bar Mitvah went viral on the Internet: YouTube has now muted the sound from the clip after apparently receiving word of copyright infringement from Warner/Chappell Music.

Sperling, who appeared on HuffPostLive last week as part of his ongoing media tour, tells HuffPost Gay Voices, "The feedback has been overwhelming from everyone from children to grand parents -- countless people have told me how they wish they could have been so confident at that age, parents have told me that they can only hope that they are instilling the same self-respect in their children as my parents did, and thousands have told me how happy the video makes them."

He concludes, "I am not gaining any monitization from the video -- the video is just bringing people joy. I wish that the people at Warner/Chappell could understand that."

Meanwhile, Sperling has since uploaded the video to Vimeo, where it can still be viewed.

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