08/22/2012 04:17 pm ET

Breaking Down The World Cities Culture Report (SLIDESHOW)

It's all well and good to claim your city is the greatest cultural capital in the world, but where's your proof? Enter the World Cities Culture Report 2012, a study commissioned by London's colorful mayor, Boris Johnson. Credited as the largest international survey of its kind, the report crunches the numbers of theaters, book stores, dance performances, film festivals, and many more cultural hallmarks for a dozen cities: London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Istanbul, Mumbai, Johannesburg and Sao Paolo.

Headed by BOP Consulting, the study is intended to analyze rather than rank the chosen cities. Representatives from each will hash out the report's findings during cultural summits in London and Shanghai, where the reps will "discuss common aims," according to The Guardian.

But aside from the value of the findings in cultural management, they're also just fun to parse. For instance, did you know Tokyo has nearly 1000 video game arcades? Or that in Istanbul, comedians are limited to a single comedy club? We've collected all the fun facts we could cull from the dense report, which is available to read for free online, and includes inspired odes to the cities involved. (Berlin is labeled "poor but sexy," for instance.)

Click through the slideshow below, and see how the cities fared.

Assessing The Capitals