08/23/2012 10:55 am ET

Ballston Chick-Fil-A Cited For Health Code Violations

WASHINGTON -- Northern Virginia Chick-fil-A detractors: you've got some new fodder. Though this has nothing to do with gay rights politics.

The newest report of Arlington County restaurant inspections brings a bit of gross news about the Chik-fil-A at 4238 Wilson Boulevard in the Ballston Common Mall.

An recent inspection found that this branch of the Georgia-based fast-food chain, whose CEO has come under fire for his stance against gay marriage, has had some issues related to following health and safety guidelines.

The Virginia Department of Health, in an Aug. 10 safety report, noted two problems: "Surfaces of the cutting boards are not clean," and "Shredded cheese and sliced cheese in the walk-in refrigerator cold holding at the improper temperature of 47ºF. Milkshake base in the 'Sureshot' dispenser cold holding at the improper temperature of 47ºF."

The report also noted that "The facility does not have a hand washing sink at the front counter service area."

It's unclear from the report about whether the Chick-fil-A location faces any penalties or if there are any follow-up procedures in place to ensure compliance. We're waiting on a call back from the Arlington County Health Department to clarify.

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