08/23/2012 12:54 pm ET

Lisa Rinna Leaving 'Days Of Our Lives' For Potential Talk-Show Career

Lisa Rinna, who returned to NBC's "Days of Our Lives" on March 8, is ready to say goodbye to her role as Billie Reed on the soap to focus on her many projects -- including a new talk show.

“She's leaving so she can do all of the 500 other things she loves to do. [She's working on] her Belle Gray line for QVC, she’s writing another diet and fitness book, plus she’s developing a vitamin supplement line and lingerie line,” a friend of the actress told me. “She’s also in talks to do a panel-type talk show.”

Lisa played Billie Reed for more than 150 episodes on "Days," last appearing in 2005 before her return this year.

“At the moment, she’s with her kids and husband, Harry Hamlin, at their island in Canada,” confirms a pal. “Harry is also very busy, with his recurring role on 'Shameless' this season, where he will be naked all the way through. That naughty boy!”


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