08/23/2012 12:32 am ET Updated Aug 23, 2012

Lovejoy High School Cheerleading Coach Resigns After Stripping Sleepover Claims

A Georgia high school cheerleading coach has resigned following allegations that she had team members strip during a sleepover at her house.

According to a Clayton County Sheriff's report via The Smoking Gun, the coach hosted a sleepover for the teens at her house and played a game called "Judge and Jury." The coach played the "Judge" while the students played the "Jury." From the report:

[Teresa Reeves of the Clayton County School Board of Education] said the object of the game was to ask a series of questions and in doing so the person would have to answer the question beginning with "honestly." Ms. Reeves said if the student did not answer the question correctly they would have to either run laps around the school track or remove an article of clothing. Ms. Reeves said the student could have their laps reduced if they choose to remove an article of clothing.

A student reported the incident to school officials, but a Clayton County Public Schools spokesperson declined comment to the Clayton News-Daily on an open investigation.

The coach claims that she closed her eyes during the game and didn't see if any of the girls removed all of their clothing, "only the students removed clothing to reveal their under garments," according to the Sheriff's report.

One girl told WSBTV that about a dozen girls were crammed into a closet and stripped to their underwear.

"I'm just totally pissed off. It's past upset. I'm pissed off," the girl's mother told the station. "What child ain't going to try to fit in? They telling her this is what we do every year… Y'all do this every year? Really?"

The Sheriff's Office is investigating based on the reporting student's "outcry" and the allegation that "the incident was videotaped," according to The Smoking Gun.



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