08/23/2012 01:24 pm ET

Madonna Drops Swastika After France's National Front Complains

Madonna has thrown France's National Front party a bone in the form of a question mark.

The singer's tour includes a video that features Marine Le Pen's face. Until recently, a swastika was shown on the conservative politician's forehead. But The Guardian reports that during Madonna's Tuesday performance in Nice, the swastika had been replaced by a question mark.

Naturally, the slighted spared no time declaring victory. A spokesman for one of Le Pen's groups had this to say to the AFP: "To my knowledge, Madonna has never changed a video before. It's proof that our arguments won out. It's excellent news."

Madonna's use of the swastika had drawn swift condemnation from the National Front, who threatened to sue the singer. But it's still surprising that she caved. Madonna had defended the controversial-if-tired statement in interviews, nothing that she was merely highlighting "the intolerenace human beings have for one another."

"I always like to tell a story," she told a Brazilian television station. "Music should be about ideas, right? Ideas inspire music."

She did continue her support of Pussy Riot, a Russian punk band and activist collective imprisoned on a hooliganism conviction. Three Pussy Riot members were given two year prison sentences over an anti-Putin performance in a church. To her credit, Madonna has been an outspoken supporter of the group.

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