08/23/2012 05:08 pm ET

'Sex And The Single Girl' By Helen Gurley Brown Is Becoming An Audiobook -- And They're Looking For A Narrator

Calling all women with "sultry," "perfect" voices! Audible Studios wants YOU to narrate the audiobook version of "Sex And The Single Girl," the famous tome by Helen Gurley Brown, the late Cosmopolitan editor.

The company advertised on Audiobook Creation Exchange that they are looking for an actress with a "seductive/sexy" vocal style and a "general American" accent to narrate the audio edition of Gurley Brown's beloved 1962 book. Written for career-minded unmarried women interested in sex, "Sex and the Single Girl" assures readers that they don't need to be "great beauties" to be lucky in love, that meeting a romantic interest at the office may not be the worst thing in the world and that "being sexy means that you accept all the parts of your body as worthy and lovable." Not bad mantras to hear on your iPod during your morning commute.

But Audible appears to be taking it a step further. The company noted in a press release that "Helen Gurley Brown had a very sexy voice," and it apparently wants a narrator whose voice has the same come-hither timbre.

Which may be fitting. Helen Gurley Brown was the woman who said, "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere," and the wise, witty one-liners that fill "Sex and the Single Girl" could indeed take you far -- with the right delivery. Start practicing your sexy/sultry/seductive voices now.



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