08/24/2012 06:23 pm ET

Court Bedbug Scare That Caused Detroit Judge To Send Staff Home Was Likely False Alarm

A witness in a Detroit case accidentally found a way to get out of his court appearance: when a judge evacuated her courtroom after insects were noticed crawling on the man.

Judge Cylenthia Miller at the 36th District Court closed her courtroom Thursday and send staff home, according to CBS Detroit, after a bailiff saw what was thought to be bedbugs. According to WXYZ, a company was called to spray for the bed bugs bringing along a dog that could sniff them out.

Judge Miller may have acted too quickly when she closed up shop. On Friday, court was back in session after the pest control company found no evidence of bed bugs in the court room, according to the Associated Press.

While a release called the scare a false alarm, the daughter of the witness told the Detroit News her father had a bedbug problem at his home.

Court isn't the only place where Detroiters have to worry about picking up unwanted pests. Earlier this summer, according to the Detroit News, the bus drivers' union called for the transit operators to make a better effort to control bedbug infestations after drivers reported numerous sightings and several bites.

Unfortunately, city denizens shouldn't be too shocked by infestations like these. The city has the number three spot for bedbug infestation in the country, according to the Orkin pest control specialists, moving up a spot from last year.

Below, see the U.S. cities with the worst bedbug infestations: