08/24/2012 04:05 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2012

Dahl's College Of Beauty Suit: Former Students Sue School For Expulsion


A beauty school in Montana got slapped with a lawsuit last week after former students claimed they were expelled for criticizing their "unqualified" teachers who made pubic-hair related demands.

15 former students at Dahl's College of Beauty alleged that their teachers would spend their time "surfing the Internet" during class. Court House News reports that the students allegedly waxed a teacher's pubic hair during an exercise and examined a teacher's boil. After these events, the students, incensed, asked for their $10,000 of tuition returned and the school allegedly expelled them. The students now seek three-times the amount of original damages as well as legal fees from the school.

Dahl's College of Beauty is also facing a wrongful discharge lawsuit from their former financial aid officer.

Dalh's is not the only institution facing suits from students. In March, John Tyler Community College students sued their alma mater after their surgery technician program did not get accredited. In 2010, students sued Everest College, a for-profit school, for misleading them about the cost and usefulness of their degree.

The college, for their part, hit back against these allegations. Bob Murdo, a lawyer for the college, told the Great Falls Tribune, "There are two sides to every story."