08/24/2012 11:50 am ET Updated Aug 24, 2012

Kimberly Stolz, America's Next Top Model Contestant, Headed To Citigroup

A former America’s Next Top Model contestant is now one step closer to becoming America’s next top banker.

Citigroup is hiring season 5 contestant Kimberly Stolz to work in its equity-derivative sales division, Bloomberg reports, citing “two people familiar with the matter.” Though modeling gigs, working as an MTV VJ and a job at Citi may add up to an eclectic resume, the new position likely won't be much of a leap for Stolz. She currently works in equity derivatives at BTIG and was an intern at Goldman Sachs before that, according to her LinkedIn page.

Stolz, who has also blogged for The Huffington Post, wouldn’t be the first Wall Streeter with a storied career in another field. Olympic cyclist Evelyn Stevens used some of the bonus money she earned working on Wall Street to fund her Olympic dreams, ultimately placing 24th in London. And it’s not rare for former Olympians to end up working on Wall Street thanks to organizations like the Athlete Alumni Network, which places athletes at financial firms.

In addition, Wall Street banks have been known to look for skills other than great business school grades or internships. For example, some high-speed trading desks place a value on candidates who can play poker, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Who knows? Maybe Stolz’s experience fending off the craziness of Tyra, not to mention other contestants on the show, will prove invaluable on Wall Street.

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