08/26/2012 03:14 pm ET Updated Aug 26, 2012

Amber Zuniga, 18, Creates 'The Ultimate Boyfriend Application'

With the first day of classes quickly approaching in this final week of August, 18-year-old Amber Zuniga understood the importance of finding a good back-to-school boyfriend. In an effort to help her fellow single friends distinguish between the studs and duds, she created "the ultimate boyfriend application" -- which quickly went viral on Tumblr and got picked up by bigger media outlets, such as Buzzfeed.

Scroll down to see the larger (and hilarious) image.

The application is "for anyone who might have a crush on someone, or thinks a boy is attractive, or perhaps even has an unhealthy infatuation -- since the application is a tad overboard," Zuniga told The Huffington Post. "But let's not forget Beyoncé. I think she really carried me through the endless hours of strenuous cutting and glueing it took to perfect the application. That woman is gold."

While Zuniga admitted that she has yet to actually use it herself, she assured us that in the future, should a "tall, tan, and handsome guy just waltz into [her] life and offer [her] some french fries," she'll make sure to hand it to him upfront.

And for any single ladies or gents who do not have this foolproof application handy when they spot a potential boyfriend candidate (tsk, tsk), no need to panic -- Zuniga's got you covered.

"If they bring you pizza, they've got potential," she said. "If they let you have the last slice, they're a keeper."

Amen to that.