08/27/2012 05:23 pm ET

Guy 'Walks' Snake, Has F**ked Up YouTube Channel (PHOTO)

guy walks snake

So this guy who likes to take his giant pet Burmese python for a stroll got some unexpected fame when a Redditor (who claims to know him) posted a photo of the pair out and about.

Granted, it takes a bit of emotional fortitude to click on a random link entitled "Just Walking My Snake," but in this case, the lack of an NSFW icon promised it was okay.

And it was, until that Redditor pointed out that the very same guy has a YouTube channel.

Now, if you were the type of guy who walked a 20-foot python around on a leash, what kind of videos would you post to your YouTube channel? Would said channel include footage in which you feed your snake a live chicken while you casually eat falafel? Indeed it would.

It's unclear where this guy hails from, but chances are, it isn't Idaho. According to The Smoking Gun, walking around with your snake out can get you arrested there.

(via Reddit)



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