08/27/2012 01:28 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

Obama Holds Slim Lead Over Romney In Florida, Poll Shows

President Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 50 percent to 46 percent among likely Florida voters, according to a Time/CNN/ORC poll taken just before Republicans arrived in the state for their party's convention.

"Obama’s edge in Florida is bolstered by women voters, among whom he's beating Romney, 54%-42%, and by nonwhite voters, with whom he boasts a 70%-29% advantage," Time's Alex Altman writes. "There are signs the incumbent is stitching together the same demographic coalitions that helped him capture Florida’s 29 electoral votes four years ago."

The 4-point lead falls just outside the poll's margin of error.

In North Carolina, which will host the Democratic convention, the two candidates were neck-and-neck, with 48 percent of likely voters supporting Romney and 47 percent favoring Obama.

The polls show the results of live telephone interviews conducted between Aug. 22 and 26 of 776 likely Florida voters and 766 likely North Carolina voters. Each poll had a 3 percent margin of error. The polls were made available exclusively via the CNN-TIME Convention Floor Pass app.

A national survey released Monday by the Washington Post and ABC News showed Obama and Romney neck-and-neck on a national level.



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