08/27/2012 01:00 pm ET

Segway Pizza Delivery Ban: Sal's Pizza In New Zealand Forced To Suspend Service

As far as forms of transportation go, Segways are fairly benign (well, unless you're George W. Bush). They aren't the cause of too many accidents and are a fairly safe way to travel a short distance between point A and point B. Accordingly, Sal's Pizza in New Zealand decided to deliver its pies using Segways. But, the U.S.-based chain was recently told by police that they could be charged or sent to court if the chain continued to use Segways on city streets.

The restaurant posted the following on its Facebook page on Saturday:

Last night we were contacted by Auckland Police and told [Effective Immediately] to stop using segways on city footpaths or face a fine and court hearing.' So, regrettably we will have to suspend all deliveries (with the exception of Takapuna) immediately and until further notice. As always we appreciate your very loyal support and will do our best to provide a near perfect Pickup experience during this challenging time.

The issue stems from the fact that Segways are classified as motor vehicles, and thus you need a registration and license for them. Segway NZ is in discussion with the Transport Authority regarding this classification.

The commenters (107 as of this writing -- more than any other recent post) are overwhelmingly opposed to the police's anti-segway decision. Sal's Pizza has used Segways to deliver pizzas for at least three years.



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