08/27/2012 01:39 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

Trey Murphy, Afghanistan Veteran, Surprises Family At Baseball Homecoming In Greenville, South Carolina (VIDEO)

Trey Murphy isn't your average baseball player. In fact, he's hardly a baseball player at all, except for a few wayward swings he took in high school. But he is a staff sergeant in the Air National Guard who recently returned from duty in Afghanistan. And when it comes to surprise homecomings, he has no trouble hitting it out of the park.

The airman decided to surprise his family at a minor league baseball game last Thursday in Greenville, South Carolina, after throwing them a curve ball and pretending he wouldn't return home until Sunday.

"[My mom] absolutely means the world to me, so being away from friends and family, especially my mom, is very tough," Murphy explained to FOX21 before the surprise. "She has no idea that I'm here now, talking to you."

According to WYFF, Murphy's family attended the baseball game as special guests for a USO night. When his family stepped onto the field in between innings for a quick interview, Trey, disguised in a baseball uniform, edged closer and closer, waiting for the right moment.

When the announcer asked his mom, Sarah, "When do you expect Trey home? Is it right now by any chance?" Trey tipped back his baseball helmet, swooped in for a hug, and revealed his true identity.

And his mom, caught on camera and encouraged by a standing ovation (and a few tears) from the crowd, screamed "Oh my god!" as she latched onto Trey's neck. Then, reports the State, she burst into tears herself and exclaimed, "But I haven't baked for you yet."

WATCH the emotional homecoming, above [via CNN].



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