08/28/2012 05:47 pm ET Updated Aug 30, 2012

Art Deco Lincoln Park House On Double Lot Accented With 'Parisian Vintage' (PHOTOS)

A Lincoln Park home built in 1924 stays true to that era's aesthetic, with some dashes of modern luxury that earn it a $5,700,000 price tag.

The Art Deco, Nouveau-style home is built on an enviable two-lot property in the 1800 block of North Cleveland Avenue, making room for a conservatory, deck and spacious backyard.

The newly-listed three-story home includes five bedrooms and four and a half baths, a total of 12 rooms packed into the 6,371 square foot building.

Its interior decor features "design elements sourced from Parisian vintage shops," and mixes Roaring Twenties style with modern conveniences like steam showers, gas fireplaces and all-new stainless steel appliances, according to the Koenig & Strey listing.

"The owner of the home worked closely with her interior designer to evoke Paris during the Late Art Nouveau and Early Art Deco periods," listing agent Debra Dobbs told HuffPost Chicago. "Everything from the hand-forged door hardware to the vintage Le Leu wallpaper were carefully selected to reflect that time and place."

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Art Deco Lincoln Park Home