08/28/2012 11:32 am ET Updated Aug 28, 2012

Mitch Williams: Skip Bayless 'Is Clueless On The Game Of Baseball' (VIDEO)

Add Mitch Williams to the large group who doesn't think very highly of Skip Bayless. Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show on Monday, the former MLB pitcher became the latest to rip the ESPN talking head.

Having brought up Bayless' insinuation that Derek Jeter may have taken performance-enhancing drugs, Patrick asked Williams what would be said about another player who was having similar production at the same age and position. Attempting to keep the conversation focused on Jeter, Patrick told Williams to take Bayless out of the equation. That didn't work.

After referencing Pete Rose's chase for 4,000 hits late in his career, Williams explained that "it's called making adjustments as you get older." Then he turned his attention to Bayless.

"And Skip Bayless, nothing for nothing, is clueless on the game of baseball," railed Williams. "I know I dealt with him in Texas when he was the one guy who would rip you, and you'd never even know what he would look like because he was never around the ballpark. So I take what Skip Bayless says means absolutely zero. He'd have to look at the instructions on a jock box to figure out how to put it on."

Bayless made controversial comments about the 38-year-old Jeter last week on "First Take" in the wake of Melky Cabrera's and Bartolo Colon's suspensions for testing positive for Testosterone. Bayless surmised that "you would have to have your head in the sand or your head somewhere else not to at least wonder, 'How is he doing this?'"

Jeter, who is batting .322 (.360 in August) and leads the Majors in hits with 174, brushed off Bayless' comments after a Yankees-White Sox game.

"One of the things is that now you have everybody questioning everything," Jeter said. "That's the unfortunate thing. Maybe Skip should be tested."

Over the last few years there have been plenty of athletes, former athletes and even an executive to challenge or take a shot at Bayless. Scroll down to take a look at some of Bayless' biggest detractors in sports.



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