08/28/2012 06:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Old Spice Commercial Allows You To Make 'Muscle Music' With Terry Crews' Muscles

Old Spice is out with a new advertisement starring ripped actor Terry Crews, and this one is an insane, interactive, musical treat.

The commercial, entitled "Danger Zone," shares much in common with previous Old Spice ads, featuring an intense Crews with his shirt off spouting nonsense manly-talk straight at the camera and the viewer: In this particular spot, Crews simply flexes his muscles, each of which is attached to a different makeshift musical instrument; this creates an inspirational and mesmerizing Old Spice jingle, the lyrics of which are mostly just the word "MUSCLE" shouted over and over again over a stomping drumbeat.

After the advertisement is over, however, things get really interesting: The viewer is invited to create his or her own Old Spice jingle, using the keys on his keyboard to control of each Crews' muscles; you can then record your efforts and save them to your Vimeo account, and perhaps release it as a hit single which will likely be titled "Internet Sausages." (Press the 'G' key then the 'A' key after the commercial is over to learn why.)

Watch the ad, and compose your own Old Spice ditty, below:

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

Old Spice's "Muscle Music" ad has a bit in common with Google's recent playable Moog machine, which invited users to compose synthesized masterpieces from the Google homepage; this one, however, involves far more greased muscles and aggressive yelling.

You can read more about the ad, and get a map of which keyboard key controls what muscle/instrument, over at Mediabistro; Terry Crews also conducted a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" and discussed the ad here.