08/28/2012 03:22 pm ET

Watch A Clip From Elgin James' Film 'Little Birds,' In Theaters On August 29, 2012 (VIDEO)

James Elgin's first film "Little Birds" debuts in theaters tomorrow. It is hard to believe that just over six years ago, the budding indie filmmaker was a leader of a gang called F.S.U. (Fuck Shit Up), according to Tad Friend at the New Yorker, who wrote that his gang "prided themselves on beating up drug dealers and neo-Nazis." Elgins harnessed the pain and angst of the streets to create a stunning portrayal of sloppy adolescent adventure.

"Little Birds" stars Juno Temple and Kay Panabaker as 15-year old best friends, drowning in their small town home Salton Sea. Kate Bosworth and Leslie Mann play the not-quite-positive role models in the girls' life. When Temple meets a dreamy skater who casually invites her to visit him in Los Angeles, the best friends steal a pick-up truck and start off on an adventure filled with trains, making out and graffiti scribbling, at least according to the trailer.

The film was dubbed "a touching and distinctive achievement" by Owen Gleiberman at Entertainment Weekly and Laura Aguirre atScreen Crave wrote, "its cinematography looks like it belongs on a hip kid’s Tumblr (that’s not an insult.)" Having gained comparisons to Larry Clarke's "Kids" and MTV's "Skins," the film looks like the next eye-opening peak into the twisted and hungry teenage psyche, somewhere between innocence and disaster.

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