08/29/2012 02:31 pm ET Updated Aug 29, 2012

Bob Jaczko, Peter Wilson Escape Death When 150-lb Boulder Destroys Rental Car Windshield

Bob Jaczko and Peter Wilson had a memorable business trip in Sedona, Ariz., recently.

Having a 150-pound boulder crash through a rental car windshield has that effect.

The two Massachusetts businessmen were in Sedona for a trade show and decided to do some sightseeing at Oak Creek Canyon when the massive rock came down on their rental SUV, KIAH-TV reported.

"There was a sign back a mile that said look out for rocks. But we did not expect that a falling 150-pound boulder would come out of the cliff, and actually fall directly on us," Wilson, 45, who was driving, told the station.

When the boulder smashed the windshield, it not only broke the glass, but caused the car to suddenly stop, according to Jaczko, 74.

“It crashed into the shift gears and threw the car in park cause all of a sudden…the car stopped," he told WHDH-TV. “We looked and we were covered in glass. The glass had turned to like -- sprinkles on an ice cream cone. We were covered in it.”

Wilson managed to free Jaczko, who told the station that the rock was "kind of like a vegetable peeler. Just took all the skin off the side of my arm,” he said.

When Jaczko realized neither he nor Wilson were seriously injured, he grabbed a camera from the car to take photographs.

“It’s funny how your mind works,” he told the Boston Globe. “I guess I must’ve been in shock.”

Two nurses just happened to be driving behind them and provided assistance until an ambulance arrived. One of them even used her baby’s diaper bag to clean Jaczko’s cuts and stop the bleeding.

Once at the hospital, both men were treated before officials there sprung for a limo to drive them back to Phoenix for the trade show.

Amazingly, the accident seemed to help sales, according to WBZ-TV.

“We were the talk of the trade show!" Jaczko told the station. "We had a very crowded booth which was good for publicity. But I think I’ll do something different next time!”


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